How to make money without risking

Bookmaker’s offices are actively fighting for new players on the Internet. The basic thing they do – give players a bonus at registration. Bookmakers use other reasons for giving away the buns, but whether it is possible to build a decent income to the player – a controversial question.

What is bonushunting?

Bonushunting is the hunt for bonuses that a bookmaker gives out to attract new players and to increase the activity of existing ones. Bonushunting has existed since the first bookmaker’s office announced its first bonus.

Bonushanging thrived in the two thousandths, when bookmakers did not check the documents from their players, did not monitor the network settings of the devices from which players accessed the Internet, did not check the uniqueness of accounts. The chain can continue and continue, but the essence is already clear.

Players began to create multiple accounts, insure their bets and guarantee themselves a win. Especially greedy and smart betters managed to create dozens of accounts and make bonuses the main source of their earnings.

Today, however, technology has taken a big step forward and allows you to automatically track all the abuse of bonuses by players. The security service of bookmakers’ offices detects all suspicious activity in manual mode. And the marketing department now very rarely gives a bonus just for registration: they invent insidious wagering conditions.

What kinds of bonuses are there and how do I play them back?

  • For registration

The bonus that should always be used is the registration bonus. It’s more often called a freebie. He does not bind to anything: as a rule, registration on the site bookmaker – it is not the most complicated procedure. So after a few clicks, you can bet not on your money, and the winnings will be fully given to the player.

To squeeze the maximum out of freebo, it makes sense to find a bookmaker’s office, which gives the same bonus for registration. In this case, you can register in both offices, bet on the opposite outcomes of one event and guarantee yourself a win at least one office.

If you can not find an office with a freebbeat, you can independently bet on another bookmaker, and the freebbeat will act as insurance.

  • For the first deposit

The bookmakers realized that the registration bonuses do not give the necessary return. Players use freeboards and no longer return. As an alternative, bookmakers began to give bonuses for the first deposit of real money. Thus the player approaches the game more responsibly, as he risks his money. Plus, in case of losing, the better tries to win back, because the real money is lost.

Bonuses for the first deposit should be treated with care and carefully read the wagering conditions. The bookmaker can double the deposit up to a certain amount, but with the condition that a number of high-fidelity Expresses will be made. It is necessary to evaluate your chances soberly. If you are not sure of the necessary combination of wins, you should not be greedy and enter a lot of money.

  • For subsequent deposits

If the bookmaker sees the player’s activity decrease, he may try to wake up the better with a sudden deposit bonus. These bonuses often have a limited validity period and are tied to a holiday. The deposit bonus will also require a wagering up. The advice is the same as in the previous paragraph – if you are not sure of the wagering, it is better not to replenish.

  • For certain types of bets

The bookmaker can encourage players to be active with their shares on a level playing field. For example, a multiplier may be increased if a player collects an express from a large number of events. Or if a better makes a bet in an unusual sport.

Shares with an increased odds look attractive, but they increase the probability of losing. It is worth using them if you have experience betting in this very category and this type of betting.

  • For attracting a friend

It is profitable for the bookmaker to attract new players. And it does not matter who pays to attract a client: an agency, a website or a loyal player. As a rule, bonuses for attracting friends do not require wagering – they can be immediately used as real money.

There is one “but”. The new player will have to perform a number of actions: register, deposit, bet. There may be a time limit, in which the new player must deposit after registration. There may be a minimum deposit amount specified. It is better to learn all the conditions at once and prepare a friend.

  • For losing

Losing bonus sounds funny, but it still exists. On the one hand, this bonus is motivating. After a lost bet, the account is not zero, but the amount for the next bet. Players are morally prepared to lose large sums because they know that the more they lose, the more they will return to the account.

On the other hand, you should always remember that this bonus is just a part of the lost money. You shouldn’t lose more to get this bonus.

There are two types of cash back: for bets made and for account replenishment. Both of these actions are performed by a better on a regular basis. That is, there is nothing to do on purpose – just get bonuses.

Bookmakers also understood this and began to give bonuses in virtual currency, which can not be used immediately, but must save and exchange for bets at a certain rate.

You should always use the bonuses at the first opportunity, but be sure to evaluate the benefits for yourself. If the terms of bonus payment are unattainable, it’s better not to talk about the bookmaker.

If you notice a profitable bonus that the bookmaker sends to the mail when the account is not active – be more inactive with this bookmaker and use the bonus again and again.