Soccer Betting

To bet on football in a betting office is a matter of five seconds, but before you can do this action, you have to do a huge job. Of course, if you want to win, not just bet. The devil, as they say, hides in the details, and in order to make the right bets on football, you need to learn to find these details.


Football stands out from all other sports in terms of betting in betting offices. High odds, high limits, a huge number of markets and a wide line allowing year-round betting on football. There are no problems with the broadcasts, as well as with searching for information about matches and forecasts from professionals.

The features of bets on football with a mark “minus” include a large number of contract matches and high unpredictability. Another feature should be considered low performance compared to most other popular sports.


If you want to succeed in betting and are open to learning, then start by following these rules:

  • Use different betting strategies to find your ideal instrument or, better yet, create your own strategy.
  • Test different ways to manage the game bank that provide discipline in betting.
  • Write down all your bets and periodically analyze the results, find patterns and learn from mistakes.
  • Study the literature and materials on the internet about betting to gain valuable knowledge.
  • Work on yourself and learn to control emotions, remain objective and concentrate during the analysis.
  • Develop analytical skills by parsing matches, reading expert forecasts and studying statistics.


Without exaggeration, the main skill in betting is the ability to analyze matches and intelligently choose bets, ideally – Value. Conclusion of a bet at random, even with great luck will turn the player into a minus, it is only a matter of time. Therefore, you can beat the bookmaker only with a thorough analysis of each match on which the betting is made.

The pre-match analysis consists of several stages. First, you need to gather information about the match, and the more different factors are taken into account, the more chances you have to make an accurate prediction.

Next, you need to make a synthesis by excluding unnecessary information and leaving only the most important data. And finally you need to weigh all the pros and cons, determine the weight of one or another factor, and then try to make a forecast based on the work done.

Another question, arising from the pre-match analysis, is how to choose a bet on football? Beginners mistakenly believe that the main thing is that the bet has a high chance of winning. But this is not quite true. What matters is the ratio of the odds and probability of a bet passing. Simply put, you have to choose a bet whose potential winnings justify the risks.


In order to understand how best to bet on football, you need to familiarize yourself with the existing types and types of bets. Then I will tell the readers of PayBets about the most popular betting options.

  • Main outcome

The main outcome is a bet on the final result of the match. Football has a draw, so this market includes three options: P1 is the victory of the first team, X or H is a draw, P2 is the victory of the second team.

  • Double outcome

Double outcome is a type of bet that covers two variants of the main outcome at once. 1X – the first team will not lose (P1 or X), X2 – the second team will not lose (P2 or X) and 12 – there will be no draw (P1 or P2).

  • Total

Total – a bet on the number of goals scored (as well as corner, yellow cards and other statistics). You can bet on total match, first and second half, individual total of teams. The total is a number and it is the player’s task to determine whether more or less goals will be scored.

  • Fora

Fora is an opportunity to bet on the victory taking into account the advantage that one of the opponents gets. The bet wins if after adding the form to the final score the team wins.

  • Precise score

The exact score – here the name speaks for itself. It is not as difficult as it seems to predict the exact final score, especially since high ratios justify the risks.

  • Time/match

Time Match – a single bet on the outcome of the 1st half and the result of the whole game. There are only nine possible combinations. The most common option is P1/P1, which means that the first team will win the first half and the whole match.

  • Statistic Bets

Statistic bets – the conclusion of a bet on various statistical indicators: corner cards, yellow cards, offsides, foul, kicks in the yard, outs, possession of the ball, and so on. Such bets are no different from the usual bet on football, but instead of the goals used other statistics, ie victory on yellow cards, total corners and the like.

  • Long-term bets

Long-term bets or futures are a bet on the results of the tournaments. This includes bets on the winner of the championship, the best scorer, the results of the group stage, the team’s progress to the final or passage to a certain round.

  • Live soccer bets

Live betting in the course of matches. Since football is the number one sport, bookmakers offer the best conditions for live betting. There are a large number of markets available for live betting, including statistic betting. Live betting has its pros and cons.

To the first one should enumerate higher chances to find possible situations, the ability to analyze what is happening on the field. Among the disadvantages I will highlight a relatively high margin and the increased influence of emotions on the choice of betting.

  • Express betting and the system

Express – a bet that includes several outcomes of different football matches. The minimum number of positions in the Express coupon is two, sometimes bookmakers limit it to three outcomes. The resulting Express coefficient is the result of multiplying the quotations of all outcomes of the Express bet. The peculiarity of this type of bets is that if one position does not play, the entire Express loses.

The system is a kind of express with the right to error. When a “system” bet is made, all possible combinations of proxies are formed from the selected outcomes. In this case, the player himself sets the dimension of the system, which determines the number of events in one expression.

Thus, the dimension “3 out of 6” means that there are only six outcomes in the coupon and three events in each expression. These mini-expresses within the system are calculated separately. Thus, if one or more outcomes are not played, the bet is still a winning one.

Every novice player wants to understand how to bet on football and be on the plus side, but the truth is that there is no universal recipe, let alone winning strategies. It is necessary to understand the science of betting, develop their skills, constantly learn, not afraid of experiments and always keep a cold mind.