Bet on Live

Sooner or later, each tennis better comes to the fact that the most profitable bets on tennis appear in the course of the matches, and therefore begin to study in detail the intricacies of the game in Live. The following material is designed to help beginner players in this, here I’ve described all the most important things to know about Live tennis bets.


It’s no secret for a long time that beating the bookmaker in pre-match tennis betting is a very difficult task. The situation in live betting mode is fundamentally different, where the specialists of betting offices have little time to adjust the coefficients, which leads to the emergence of shafts and forks.

Tennis has a high percentage of volitional victories, so true experts in the sport who can read the game regularly win in live betting on tasty odds, correctly determining the favorite.

In addition, the score in the course of the match is constantly changing, which opens up huge horizons for the use of various strategies in tennis betting.

The difference between male and female tennis

If you think that there’s no difference between women’s and men’s tennis, it’s better not to touch the bets yet. Explain the difference can be one quote: “Women are physically weaker in nature, but psychologically they are stronger.

Women’s serve is noticeably weaker than men’s. For this reason, the weaker sex is more successful at the reception. Consequently, the percentage of points won on their serve at women is much lower. If in men’s tennis on average only 2-3 breaks per set, in women’s tennis you can often see how the rivals give a series of several breaks.

Women are more likely to break the game, which is explained by the will to win, less endurance and high emotionality. It would seem that the tennis player has found her game and won 3-4 games in a row, but after a couple of minutes she is driven on the court by her rival. Or even after a confident victory in the first set, two failed games and a final defeat may follow.

Correct rating

As you know, tennis has official WTA and ATP rankings, which take into account the points earned on status tournaments. These ratings do not reflect the objective strength of tennis players and often mislead beginners. More useful for betting is the system invented by Hungarian Arpad Elo.

A special scoring system, which is based on who was beaten and who was lost by the tennis player. More points are awarded for defeating a strong opponent than for defeating a low level opponent. The same is true in the case of defeats – an outsider is charged more points for losing than a top opponent. It is considered, and not without reason, that this rating evaluates the current level of athletes more objectively.

Role of statistics

How to do pre-match analysis and within this process to study statistics, probably everyone knows. But how can you analyze a match with the help of statistics in Live?

Four statistical indicators allow to determine the current form of a tennis player:

  • Percentage of first serve;
  • Points taken on the second serve;
  • Points won on the opponent’s serve;
  • Unforeseen mistakes.

When one of these indicators is weak, but the other three are at a high level, the tennis player has a high chance of winning the match. If the two indicators are low enough, the probability of winning is low.

I would like to note that these indicators should be considered together with the opponent’s level. Thus, if a top tennis player doesn’t have the first serve, but a weak player opposes him, the favorite will most likely win due to his superiority in class.

Emotions of tennis players

In live, it’s very important to follow the athletes’ emotions. Since it is a single sport, the change in mood is immediately reflected in the game. While in men’s tennis the influence of emotions is not so significant, in women’s tennis it is very often the most important factor. There can be 2-3 mood changes per match in women’s competitions.

For this reason, it is necessary not only to watch the match and statistics, but also to watch the broadcast to see the emotions of tennis players and react in time to the relevant betting in online betting offices.


Without a smart strategy it is unrealistic to become a plus player in live tennis, especially for a beginner. Over time, you will probably be able to create your own system, but now it is better not to reinvent the bike, and just to take advantage of the experience of past generations. Next I will introduce you to the most popular strategies for betting on tennis in live.

  • Tie-breaks

A simple and clear strategy that is based on tie-break winning statistics. The player should learn how often a player wins an extra game with a score of 6:6 and then bet on the player who has an advantage in this indicator. Don’t forget to consider coverage – the statistics for tie-breaks on the ground, hard and grass can be very different.

  • Breaks

I will immediately agree that it is better to use this strategy for matches on the ground, because after the bounce the ball flies slower and, therefore, make the break easier. Choose games with rackets, which take 8-20th place in the rating. In this case, the player must be considered the favorite of the match. Take a look at the beginning to see if the chosen player is in good shape. It is possible to put a catch-up on breaks, the odds should be within.

  • Bets on the favourite

A live betting strategy that involves playing at low odds. You must bet on the victory of the favorite in games on his serve. Choose for this strategy is recommended men’s tournaments on the grass. Before placing bets, follow the start of the match, as it is important to make sure that the favourite is in great shape and is not going to lose the game.

  • Betting on an underdog at a breakpoint in a live game

We’re looking for an outsider who can hold his pitch well. We wait in live for the moment when the underdog takes the service (4:4, 5:5, etc.) with a tie score. We should bet on the victory of the outsider in the net, but provided that the underdog has a break point and he has not lost a single serve in this net.

  • On the pitcher first.

According to statistics, men win 88% of their first serve and women 74%. On this basis, it is advisable to bet on the first serveer in the first game, if there are opponents of about the same level. This strategy cannot be called a win-win one, but it is quite effective with competent managements.

  • Strategy 40:40

The working strategy of the game for women’s tennis, according to which it is necessary to bet on the fact that the score in the game will be 40:40. Choose should be matches where there is no clear favorite and outsider. It is recommended to make a bet after the first three games – it is necessary to make sure that the match is unyielding.


Understanding how to put the right tennis in live comes with experience. Choose a good strategy, analyze before each bet, always remain calm and do not risk large sums. I strongly recommend you to sharpen your skills in a demo game without risking money and training your ability to make quick decisions.